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About this item CLEANSING AND PURIFYING - 310 Nutrition Tea contains well-known, natural herbs that gently help your body rid itself of toxins through your bodyҳ natural detox processes. Detox your entire body. Unlike other harsh detox teas that can only be used for short time periods, you can use 310 Tea continuously as part of a healthy lifestyle and clean diet. SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS - Herbs in 310 Tea can help support your metabolism and help curb your appetite by promoting a sense of fullness after drinking. Itҳ therefore an ideal tea to drink if youҲe trying to lose weight by reducing the urge to over-indulge. HELPS REDUCE THE FEELING OF BLOAT - For women or men seeking a tea to help flatten your tummy or a skinny belly tea, 310 Tea can help. 310 detox tea includes gently cleansing ingredients that can help promote a flatter looking stomach. NATURALLY ENERGIZING - 310 Tea also provides a natural energy boost ֠with enlivening herbs including guarana, green tea, and oolong tea. 310 Nutrition tea is very low in caffeine and wonҴ cause a caffeine ӣrashԠlike coffee can. TANTALIZING TASTE - 310 Nutrition tea features the refreshing taste of peppermint mixed with the subtly sweet flavor of fresh Jasmine flowers. This beverage is both enlivening and calming, with jasmine and peppermint helping to relieve stress and helps to promote good sleep.