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The myths and taboos against sex toys are increasingly getting busted due to their high demand among individuals of every sex. Along with the clitoral stimulators or penetrative sex toys, clitoral suction toys are also gaining huge popularity. They work by using air suction technology that makes you feel like receiving oral sex. Many vulva owners who consider oral as their favorite partnered sex activities have revealed to achieve intense orgasms by using oral sex toys such as LELO ORA 2. LELO ORA 2 is claimed to be the world's most versatile oral sex simulator, but the rest can only be assured when you use it yourself. This luxe-looking product is a doughnut-shaped toy that is almost the size of a closed fist. It has 10 vibration settings that offer the best stimulations and orgasms when pressed against your vulva to simulate, imitating the feeling of oral sex.