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What Are the Latest Content Marketing Trends for 2021?



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Content marketing helps consumers engage with the content and attract potential customers to your business. For effective content marketing, you need to create good content based on the needs of your customers; and SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. So, associate with SEO content writing services that focus on using targeted keywords to develop quality content to promote your website on popular search engines. According to an article published by Capminds, a recent study predicted that the US healthcare spending will amount to $5.4 trillion by 2024, which corresponds to an annual average of 19.6% of GDP. Some of the other statistics are:

  • 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate doctors
  • 5% of all Google searches are related to healthcare
  • 66% of Internet users search online for information about a specific medical problem or disease
  • In the U.S., healthcare advertising spending is expected to increase by 5% in both 2020 and 2021 (Source: Becker’s Hospital Review)
All of these statistics show that to have a strong presence online, you have to optimize your medical website so that search engines can find you easily.

For online visibility, content marketing is an essential element and it drives consumer interactions, engagements, experiences and conversions. The following are some of the latest content marketing trends for 2021 to improve website traffic:

  • Know your audience: Most of the marketers and bloggers assume that they know their audience but they are not right. They do not see a need to have a better understanding of the audience. By ignoring audience demographics or needs, you will end up creating random content which will be of no use. Find out the motive behind each customer’s search and their engagement with your brand on social media, what action they are likely to take, and develop content based on their requirements. You can also ask questions on Quora to know what your audience wants, and this helps to know users’ concerns from a different angle.
  • Set up content communities: With the emergence of Slack communities and the need for personalization in marketing during the time of pandemic, building up of communities has been an encouragement for marketing teams. Creating communities around content sharing helps marketing teams to continue to widen their reach even with limited resources. Lauren Pope, content marketing manager at G2, believes that high output with limited resources will be the trend for this year. She also added that businesses can expand their brand’s reach with a community. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are similar to word-of-mouth marketing and this generates more experts who will be excited to write for you. So, fostering a sense of community with your audience expands your brand’s reach and also makes a positive impact on audience engagement.
  • Conduct webinars and go live with video: This year, the popularity of webinars and live sessions has increased drastically and it will continue to grow. Video is a quick and effective way to communicate any message or educate your audience. Consumers always want to get information easily and the best way of giving out information to them is via video marketing. This year, sessions like AMA (Ask Me Anything), masterclass, fireside chats and other more interactive approaches are expected to be popular. This is because people do not want to spend time going through several number of slides. So, small groups with interactive sessions using video is the future.
  • Enhance content experience: Clicking on to a page full of pop-ups and closing out of a page before reading anything is not a good thing for a website. So, ensuring good content experience for your audience is always important. To drive ROI with content, it is important to focus on content experience, which persuades users to stay on your website, find what they are looking for, and also enjoy the content and thus enter a sales funnel. Include test content along with webinars, videos, podcast episodes, and tactical calls-to-action on your web page to make it more interactive and provide better content experience.
  • Concentrate on products and services: The new expected trend in content marketing is that content marketers are trying to stay laser-focused on their key buyer personas and core topics. Laser focus refers to more attention to content at the bottom of the funnel, especially to key buyer personas and closely related to the product or service offering. But it can also help with a better understanding of content ROI.
  • High-quality SEO: High-quality SEO has always been an essential element in content marketing and it will continue to be so. Creating more engaging content, capturing niche using relevant keywords etc are some of the key SEO factors. Having a strong SEO strategy with proper keyword research and long-tail keywords will be given more importance in content marketing in 2021 and the coming years.
  • Test AI-powered content: Content experts believe that by this year there will be AI generated content. Tools like the API GPT-3 and Contentyze, which use AI to take data and create summaries, captions, and even full blog posts, are becoming more widely available and it is likely that this trend takes off in 2021. However, AI-powered copy will need more content editing to meet the standards expected for blog posts.
  • Reuse your content: It is not really necessary to post new content, you can reuse your content with fresh spin on other platforms. Repurposing helps to reach out to new readers and also target them on different marketing channels and encourage them to visit your site. Repurposing content makes it fresh with all crucial updates. In 2021, content teams will find out how to most effectively use content from webinars, round tables, podcasts and conferences to stoke the content bonfire and repurposing content helps with media posts, blog posts, newsletters etc.
The above-mentioned tips will help to improve your medical SEO and content marketing efforts. A practical, effective way of ensuring that you utilize the latest content marketing trends is to utilize dedicated SEO content writing services.